Putting ReelFlies Signature Collection to the Test Reviewed by Momizat on . This past weekend, the team here at Mad River Fly Shop had the opportunity to test out Reelflies new Signature Collection of flies. To kill two birds with one s This past weekend, the team here at Mad River Fly Shop had the opportunity to test out Reelflies new Signature Collection of flies. To kill two birds with one s Rating: 5
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Putting ReelFlies Signature Collection to the Test

This past weekend, the team here at Mad River Fly Shop had the opportunity to test out Reelflies new Signature Collection of flies. To kill two birds with one stone, the team decided to plan a steelhead outing on a Lake Huron tributary, and put the flies to the ultimate test.

The days leading up to the trip indicated that the conditions would be everything but perfect. Large amounts of precipitation had the river running upwards of 350 cubic meters per second, but that did not stop the Mad River posse. We were determined to test these flies, and the spiraling conditions would only add to the test, truly determining whether or not these flies did what they were created to do; get fish on the end of your line.

Upon arriving to our motel on Friday evening, we took some time to relax, talk all things fishing, and divvy up the supply of flies that the wonderful folks over at Reelflies distributed to our team.


My share of the Signature Collection.

The new Signature Collection is great because it supplies you with a versatile arsenal of fluff to be chucked; nymphs, buggers,  and streamers. You name it, it’s there, and damn, it looks good, sexy even (Snagglepuss anybody?).

When we arrived at the river, we knew we had a daunting task ahead of us, but we would not let the “blown” river intimidate our team.


That being said, it is ALWAYS important to treat waterways of any sort, let alone waterways with increased water level and flows, with the utmost respect. These systems are powerful, and can be very dangerous if not approached with caution (invest in a wading staff, and never wade in water you are uncomfortable in!).



The team instantly tied on our new flies and went to work.





The flies quickly began proving themselves. Strike after strike, “fish on!” after “fish on!”, these things prevailed.





Every single member of our team had fish on the ends of our lines. These flies were not just a fluke, they attracted ridiculous amounts of fish!









Our first day on the water was amazing – something our team did not expect with the river conditions. Thanks to Reelflies, we couldn’t stop hooking up with steel! The adrenaline of a fish on the end of your line will make you walk through hell and back just to experience the feeling again and again.



The team trudged through copious amounts of flooded terrain, just to hook up some more.








I will always have a special place reserved for this trib, and these flies for one main reason – they managed to get me on to my first steelhead, and I cannot put my experience into words (a new steel junkie to come to the anglers anonymous meetings!).



First chrome hookup!



This buck made my day!



Thanks for the dance!


The fish just wouldn’t stop beckoning to the call of the Signature Collection, and after an exhausting day full of success, the team posed for one final photo, and headed home for a hearty meal.





To sum things up, we had a phenomenal trip! Our team persevered through the conditions and came out on top, and a lot of that is due to our friends at Reelflies.ca.

These flies absolutely killed it for us, hooking us up with HUGE amounts of fish, and staying in one piece while doing so. They lasted through the elements, and came out of the trip looking just as good as they did at the beginning of the trip.

Reelflies Signature Collection

Must Buy

Summary: This amazing collection got the team onto loads of fish, and looked sexy doing so. A great collection of versatile, and tough flies that will get you through the day with success. Nice work Reelflies!

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  • Bow Man

    Nice review, and some Very sexy looking flies there. Beautiful pics as always. And them steaks look damn fine!

    The looks on all your faces seem to sum up that you all had a great time.

    Bow Man


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